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Hi! I’m Cory...

I hear the stories all the time.  I’m not content with my career. I’ve gone through a rough break up.  I need to lose weight. I can’t seem to ever hang onto my money. I feel like I’m falling apart.  
We have all lived it one way or another. But I have a secret to share with you: YOU ARE ENOUGH. We often take on so many roles that we lose our authentic selves. When you aren't your authentic self, it can have you feeling lonely, trapped and even, invisible.
Now What?!  Is the ultimate guide for restarting your life. No matter what phase of life you find yourself, I am revealing my secrets to success for restarting. Your life is a journey and there will never be a time in your life when you are not reinventing and evolving in the story of who you are. Shape what is happening around you and claim what you love with the tools in this book.
I wrote this guide to get you started with exploring how to successfully restart your life. How to truly value the person you are meant to be.
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